Dinner Menu



CLAM CHOWDER                                                                                SOUP OF THE DAY (often GFO)
New England Creamy Clam Chowder                                                   In house made chef's creation
1/2 Bowl  $6.50          Full Bowl  $8.50                                                 1/2 Bowl  $6           Full Bowl $8

Herb Scone warmed and served with butter  $2.50



Homemade Crab Cakes                                        $13                          Yam Fries                                                                     $6.50                                                         

Fresh Oysters (Panfried)                                       $10.50                    Crispy yam fries with chipotle aioli                          

Bacon Wrapped Scallops (6 &cocktail sauce)        $12                         English Style Shrimp & Prawn Cocktail                            $10

Spicy Baked Prawns                                               $13                         1/2 Dozen Tiger Prawns with options of                           $11
                                                                                                              chilled, sauteed or deepfried


GARDEN  GF                                                                                       CAESAR GFO
Mixed Greens with Onion, Tomato, Cucumber, Peppers                     Romaine Lettuce with Garlic dressing, Parmesan cheese
Starter  $8            Entree  $12                                                              and croutons

                                                                                                             Starter  $7           Entree  $11

Manderin GF                                                                                        Spinach GFO
Romaine Lettuce tossed with citrus dressing, toasted                         With Bacon, Mushrooms, Sliced Egg, Onion, Pepper

Almonds and Mandrin slices                                                                 Starter  $8            Entree  $12

Starter  $8          Entree  $11

Greek                                                                                                    MESCLUN GF

Fresh Tomato, Cucumber, Peppers, Onion, Fetta, Olives                   Bed of Salad Greens with sliced Pear, lightly candied Walnuts

Starter  $9          Entree  $13                                                                and crumbled Danish Bleu Cheese with a house made Pear

                                                                                                             dressing on the side

                                                                                                              Starter  $8          Entree  $12


Meal Creation
Fish to accompany the Salad selection at the additional cost.  preperation options include poached (GF), panfried(GFO) or deepfried.

Halibut                                                        $13                                    Oyster (1)                                               $3

Lingcod                                                       $10                                   Tiger Prawn (1)                                       $1.75

Salmon                                                        $9.50                                Chicken strips (1)                                    $2.50

Cod                                                             $8                                               


                                                                           FISH AND CHIPS

Fishtales only utilizes Pacific Coast Wild Fish (there is no farmed fish on our premises) portions are a minimum of 4 oz pieces even on 2 piece meals.  Our fries are cut in house and the patatoes utilized are from locally grown sources. 

Halibut, Chips and Coleslaw                                                           Lingcod, Chips and Coleslaw

1 Piece  $18          2 Piece $30                                                           1 Piece  $16            2 Piece 24

Salmon, Chips and Coleslaw                                                           Rock or Alaskan Cod, Chips and Coleslaw

1 Piece  $15          2 Piece  $23                                                          1 Piece  $12           2 Piece  17

Fishtales Platter                                                    $28                      Battered Tiger Prawns                                                        $20

1 Piece Halibut, 2 Oysters, 2 Tiger Prawns,                                        8 Jumbo Tiger Prawns, Chips and Coleslaw                     

Local Oysters (deepfried or panfried)                   $24                     Oysters and Tiger Prawns                                                   $25
6 Oysters, chips and Coleslaw                                                             4 Oysters, 4 Tiger Prawns, Chips and Coleslaw

Calimari                                                                $14.50

Topped with onions, tomato and Tzatziki sauce 



Mushy Peas                                         $3.50                                       Rice                                                 $3

Coleslaw                                              $2.50                                       Fries                                                $4         Basket $6

Onion Rings                                          $6                                          Baked Patato                                    $4

Fresh Vegetables                                  $6                                          Mashed Patato                                $4



Salmon Dinner                                                         $21                Halibut Dinner                                                                    $24

Grilled Wild Salmon Fillet, served with fresh seasonal                      Grilled Halibut Fillet, served with fresh seasonal vegetables

vegetables, mashed potatoes and choice of sweet                            mashed potato ancd choice of Sweet Chille Thai Sauce or

chille Thai sauce or house made Lemon Caper Sauce                      house made Lemon Caper Sauce        

Tiger Prawn Dinner                                                   $27                 Mussels                                                                              $22

Ten Tiger Prawns sauteed with white wine and garlic                       Mussels steamed in rich Itialian tomato and ale broth, topped

butter served on a bed of rice with fresh vegetables                         with parmesan cheese and served with fresh bread

and an optional Chilli Thai sauce

Seafood Cannelloni                                                 $28                     Cioppino                                                                         $27

Halibut, shrimp, scallops and crab with cream cheese                        Seafood medley of Fish, Tiger Prawns, Mussels, & Clam
& Spinach, wrapped in pasta, covered with cheeses                           shells, steamed in a rich Italian tomato and ale broth,
and baked till golden brown, served with Caesar Salad                       sprinkled with parmesan cheese and served with fresh bread

and Garlic Toast



Ribs                                                                                                      Meatballs and Fries  

Baby BACK RIBS in  BBQ sauce, served with fresh                            Homemade meatballs baked in BBQ sauce served with fresh

cut fries and coleslaw                                                                           cut fries and coleslaw

1/2 Rack  $17                                                                                       Full Rack  $23



HOMEMADE HAMBURGER                                     $12                     HALIBUT BURGER                                                         $16
Homemade Burger on a toasted bun with mayo                                   Wild Halibut Burger on a toasted bun with tarter sauce,

lettuce, tomato, onions served with fresh  cut fries                               lettuce, tomato and onions served with fresh cut fries


OYSTER BURGER                                                   $15                       SALMON BURGER                                                           $15
3 Fresh Local Oysters (deepfried or grilled) on a                                   Wild Salmon Burger on a toasted bun with tarter sauce,

toasted bun with tarter sauce, lettuce, tomato, onion                             lettuce, tomato, onion served with fresh cut fries

served with fresh cut fries

 PIZZA AND CAESAR                                             $15
Single serving 6inch Pizza with small side Caesar

homeade meatball and Pineapple.  Vegetarian is

an option


GFO = GLUTEN FREE OPTION                                                          GF = GLUTEN FREE

PLEASE NOTE:  This is not a Gluten Free facility therefore the potential for cross contamination is always a minute possibility.   If you have and allergy or dietary concern please notify your serve in order to enable us to serve you to the best of our capabilities.  Fish Tales view food as a source of nutrition for the body, mind and soul therefore our products are chosen for those purposes.  




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